We are situated at the Boardwalk Manor (Next to Virgin Active), Faerie Glen, Pretoria East.

Dynamic Show Dance Academy is a professional academy specializing in different categories of performing arts.

We perform at Corporate Functions, Events, Promotions, Music Videos, CD Launches, Shopping Malls and SO MUCH MORE!!

Celebrities such as Izak Davel, Arno Jordaan, Anthonie Bougas, Amor Vittone , etc chose Dynamic Show Dance Academy to work with them.

Dance Styles at DSDA East:

  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Acro Skills and Flexibility
  • Musical Theatre
  • Social Dancing for Couples/Singles
  • Flexibility and Strength

We have professional Dance Teachers and we also participate in Local International Exams with the following Associates:

  • Dance Academy of South Africa (DASA)
  • Association of International Dance Teachers (AIDT)
  • Dance ED
  • Dance-Cor
  • Theatre Dance Association (TDA)
  • WX Hip Hop

Every dancer has the opportunity to participate in various Competitions throughout the year as well as our YEAR END-SHOW!!!

Competitions 2020:

Competitions are not compulsory for students, but every student is more than welcome to join the Competition team!

There will be additional monthly costs and rehearsals will take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

Registration fee: R250-00 per person

R300-00 per family

  • 1x Dance Style R330-00 per month
  • 2-4 Dance Styles R290-00 per month per dance
  • 5 or more Dance Styles R250-00 per month per dance
  • Social Dancing = Can be booked privately – Aletia: 082 922 1754


  • You can join all the classes suitable for your age and only pay R550-00 for the month (Registration Fee excluded)
  • Join DSDA in January and sign up for 4x styles and more and only pay 50% of your monthly class fee!!

Payment Options:

Payment for 12 Months (Please note that fees will be charged

in December 2020, as we take the Annual fee and divide it by 12)

Quarterly Payments

Annual Payment with 5% discount

ALL Class Fee Payments are payable in advance.

TO REGISTER ONLINE GO TO:https://dsdaeast.dance-admin.co.za

What to wear to class??

Now that you have decided which dance class your child is going to take, you must now prepare them to dress the part. There are many dance classes that allow freedom of choice in dance attire, but most reputable dance studios will have specific dress codes in place for their dance students.

Proper Dance Attire;

Although the style of dance wear varies according to the different dance types it is important that the garments are made with lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabrics which provide dancers with comfort and freedom of movement.


  • Leotard (any colour)
  • Ballet skirt (Tiny and Primary)
  • Pink tights
  • Pink Ballet slippers (canvas).


  • Tights/Jazz Pants and Top should be tight fitting, but comfortable, and not be loose or baggy
  • Tap Shoes.

Jazz, Modern & Acro:

  • Jazz Pants/Tights (Any colour)
  • Tight fitting top/leotard (Any colour)
  • Bare feet

Hip Hop:

  • Baggier, loose fitting clothes.
  • Tekkies/Sneakers/etc.

Dance Bag & Accessories For practical purposes, having a bag to carry your dance items is essential for keeping the items organized, a towel for all those sweaty classes and a water bottle!